9 Ways to Save at Target Using Coupons

Would you want to save money at Target? Coupon clipping has been viewed as the key to economic rebirth. Coupons oundoubtedly will save you money. And there are so many ways you can save while shopping at Target stores. Below are a few of them, which, if put into practice, you will will save a lot of money.

1. Target store coupons

Target offers store coupons on their official site, and inserts which can be found in the Sunday newspaper. Once you have printed the coupons, you are supposed to use them while purchasing items at Target. Offer the coupon at the cashier and you will get a discount according to the amount indicated on the Target store coupon. Be aware, however, that when the total discount indicated on the Target store coupon exceeds the total price of an item, the coupon value is reduced to match the price of the item. So, if the coupon has a value of $10 off, but the product costs $8, the value of the coupon will be reduced to $8. In other words, you don't get cash back. 

Target also mails coupons to your home. So, keep an eye for coupons in your mailbox.

2. Manufacturer's coupons

Manufacturer coupons are offered by the manufacturers. You can use them alongside Target store coupons. You can combine only one Target store coupon with one manufacturer's coupon. Now, some people find it difficult to tell which coupons are Taret's and which are manufacturer's. Here is how you can distinguish these two: Target store coupons will say "WITH THE PURCHASE OF", while manufacturer's coupons have the wording "WHEN YOU BUY".

Target Store Coupon

Manufacturers Coupon

Manufacturer's Coupon

3. Use the cartwheel app

Tosh, of the SuperCouponLady.com, explains how the Cartwheel App works

Basically, once you log into the app, click on "Offers", and then you will see all offers listed by category. Once you choose the offers you want and you enter them into your cartwheel, you click on Exit Offers Mennu, and then on My Barcode. The screen displays a Barcode that you have to show to the cashier when you are ready to checkout at the store, in order to get the discount on the items you selected.

4. Price matching policy

When purchasing an item, the purchaser can price match. This is a policy that works up to seven days after purchasing by checking for cheaper prices on amazon, target or even on toysrus.com.

5. Mobile coupons

Mobile coupons are another great way of saving money at Target. In order to acquire a mobile store coupon, text the word COUPON to 827438 and then follow the instructions. A text offer is usually sent back to the sender. At checkout, the bar code is scanned, and all discounts in the text offer are deducted resulting in cheaper purchases.

6. Gift card promotion

Target offers gift cards at their various stores after making purchases that can be used to reduce the prices of items further the next time one goes for shopping. The gift cards reduce the amount of cash used to shop on a later date.

7. Use of price cuts

Items might have two different prices when one goes for shopping at target; a permanent price and a temporary price. For temporary prices, the price is dropped for a few days and for permanent prices the price reduces permanently. One can save by using the temporary price instead of the fixed higher price.

8. Use of special purchasing offers

Target occasionally has special offers for a bunch of items going for cheaper prices. For example, when there is an offer of 4 for 4 $, you can purchase one item at the cost of one unit.

9. Watch for the clearance markdown schedule

Target has a markdown schedule for various items on different days. For instance, on Monday there is a clearance markdown for girls, boys, infants and electronic items.