About Me and my News Blog

Hi, thank you for finding it fit to spare a few moments of your precious time to visit my blog page. Before you get to know what my blogs are all about, let me first give you a brief about myself.

My name is Brian Palmer, an American business consultant with a bias in entrepreneurship with solid experience spanning over ten years. I am happily married to Teresa, and together we have been blessed with two lovely angels Joshua and Caleb.

My blogs are about sharing the latest news in the area of weight loss and online savings, not just in America, but the whole world in its entirety with the aim of helping people get to know the best weight loss products, and where they can find coupons for them.

With the ever-rising cost of living, people are always looking for deals and coupon codes, which is why one section of my site focuses on discount codes. Another section of my site deals with news that I find worth sharing with you.

I also keep an eye in business opportunities and investments. The advancement in technology across the globe means those new business opportunities are always emerging, presenting more options for investors. Unfortunately, only a few people get to know or grab these opportunities since they don’t get to know of them, hence this blog seeks to bridge this gap.

My choice of blogging as a means of sharing my passion about living a healthy life was informed by the fact that the internet has transformed the world into a small village hence blogs can reach out to millions in a split second.

I invite you to come with me as we explore the world of interesting health and weight loss news. You will not only find my blogs informative, but fun to read too. Make sure you also look at the latest Weight Watchers promo codes I publish.

My solo effort in itself can guarantee success to this end, which is why I invite you to engage me on chat to share your views, comments, insights and even constructive criticisms.

Once again thanks for your time!

Brian M Palmer - Atlanta, GA