Three top diet and workout mistakes while you try to build your muscles

In this article, we are examining bodybuilding mistakes that anyone may do when he/she starts lifting. Of course, there are several diet and workout mistakes that somebody could do while he/she trains with weights, but here we are going to mention three of the most common and basic ones. So, if you are a beginner yourself, hopefully you can learn from and benefit from the mistakes mentioned here as they apply to your program as well.


So, the three top bodybuilding mistakes in no particular order.

#1 Overly aggressive dreamer bulk

In other words, if you are having the goal to be as huge and muscular as possible. To achieve that, you are going ahead and start eating massive amounts of food and you think that more calories automatically mean more muscle. Many people starting bodybuilding want to gain as much size as they possibly can and as a result they go completely overboard on calories.

So, they think that they put on muscle when in reality a huge percentage of that is just and only fat. Actually, this is one of the most common bodybuilding mistakes but it is not a good approach to building your body. Muscle growth is a slow and gradual process, your body can only build a very limited amount of muscle over any given time frame.

Therefore, any calories that you take in beyond what your body can use for muscle growth, it is going to end up as body fat. You will have to go through a tedious process in order to get rid of it. Have a look at LifetoLiveit blog to see which fat-loss supplements will best help you burn your overall fat either by increasing your metabolic rate and your calorie burning or by controlling your appetite or simply by boosting your energy levels during your day.

#2 Not respecting your joints

When you have just started lifting and you do not have any injuries, you think that you are invisible, nothing can go wrong and you just want to make gains with whatever the cost. As a result, you exercise huge intensity to your joints to achieve big gains. You perform a lot of forced repetitions, heavy negatives, rest pause and always train to failure and beyond.

Eventually, you end up with serious issues on your shoulders, in your low-back and your elbows that affect you to a certain degree for a long period of time. What you have to do is more thorough warm-ups, you have to include mobility work in your program and you have to slow down the intensity of your program. In fact, training to that level does not necessarily guarantee that you will maximize your muscle growth, anyway.

When you train, you should primarily concern with preventing any injuries because you will be able to train and build muscles only if your joints are strong and fit enough so that they help you with your workout. If you do get injured, your entire program can be compromised.

#3 Being overly concerned with small nutritional details

With small nutritional details, I am referring to meal frequency and meal timing. Some years ago, it was common knowledge that you needed to eat a meal every two to three hours to stay anabolic and to keep your metabolism boosted. Also, it was required at that time to consume a fast-absorbing WHEY protein with simple sugars within ten minutes post-workout or that you needed slow-released protein before bed.

All these little highly specific nutrition strategies that are now general referred to as Bro Science, we know for the most part that are not necessary. Having to sit around all day and worrying about getting in a meal exactly three hours or consuming specific types of foods at different times of day for various reasons, that is another common bodybuilding mistake. Such a misinterpretation can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and can force you to structure your day around food a lot more than what was required.

So, you only need to focus on meeting your overall nutritional needs for the day as a whole. Just make sure that you space out your meals based on your hunger and on your daily schedule. In that way, you get the same muscle building results and you hugely simplify your eating plan.