Why You are Gaining Fat and Not Muscle

In this article, we are discussing the mistakes you are doing when you are trying to build overall lean mass that make you mostly gain fat but not muscle. This is a quite popular issue to talk about and generally people ask this question. So, below we are analyzing the three mistakes you might be making.

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#1 You take too many calories per day purposefully

If you are trying to bulk and maximize your gains then certainly, you should be eating a calorie surplus. However, a lot of people who are starting out especially those who are naturally thin and they want to gain size as quickly as possible, they usually take this “eat big to get big” idea just a bit too far.

It is already known that there is a set limit of how much muscle your body can build on any given day or any given week. So, by stuffing your body with more and more food beyond that maximum threshold to try and speed up the process, this is only going to make you fat.

Therefore, if you want to make lean gains and minimize body fat increases, is going to eat just enough calories to optimize hypertrophy but nothing more than that. If you are gaining much more than half a pound of body weight per week or three pounds per month at the maximum, then you are most likely consuming too many calories and you will need to diminish them.

#2 You are eating too many calories without realizing it

Although you have calculated your daily calorie intake, you are actually going overboard without knowing it. One thing that is definite is that people are not that good at actually following their correct daily calorie intake and they are very often off by a pretty big margin.

This happens for a number of different reasons. One may be that you are just starting your diet and you are trying to estimate things. Now, this has good results for experienced lifters who have a very good knowledge of their bodies and who have a good sense of the nutrition content for different foods. But, if you are a beginner in the fitness world, then I recommend that you go through a period of detailed, on-point dietary tracking, just to learn the road basically.

If you do not, then the usual predisposition is going to be to overeat, especially if you are in this bulking mindset and you want to gain a much size as possible. The other possibility is that you are making an effort to track calorie intake but you are making mistakes in your measurements and your overall tracking that are piling up during the day.

#3 Your weight training plan not properly laid out

Your weight training plan is not properly executed and not properly designed. Think of the simple sequence of events for your muscle growth. You go to the gym, you exercise your muscles with the purpose of inciting a growth response. Then, you leave the gym, you eat  in a calorie surplus and your body uses those calories and your body uses those calories to build your muscles larger and stronger.

Nevertheless, if that growth response wasn’t tough enough to start with, not only will you not gain very much muscle because your body will have no incentive for it, but you won’t even need all these additional calories you are consuming in order to recover from your training. As a result, all of these calories will go to your far stores.

So, be honest with yourself. Are you really exercising hard in the gym? and, truly pushing yourself reasonably close to your limit during each workout? Are you keeping record of your workouts, even in your mind? and, implementing the regulation of progressive overload? Are you being consistent with your planning, showing up for your workouts? are you training enough in terms of time you dedicate? And, leaving the gym knowing that you tarined enough each time?

It is true that a lot of people in the fitness center just do not workout as hard as they should. So, if you are eating a calorie surplus and your workout is weak then, it should be no surprise that your body fat is going up and your muscles mass is not.